Brendan Devlin Prize

Mr.  Brendan Devlin

Founder Member of the Waterford Surgical October Meeting

Brendan Devlin was born in Britain of Irish parents. His early life was spent between Waterford, where his grandfather lived, and Lancashire, where his father was a General Practitioner/Surgeon who was active in local politics.

Mr. Devlin was a graduate of Trinity College in 1957.  He was appointed Consultant Surgeon to Stockton/Thornaby and Children’s Hospital in 1970. He published extensively on Hernia repair and also on the problems of Biliostomy. He was a fellow of the RCSI and was involved in the training of many Irish Surgeons who were appointed in Ireland. He was a Council Member of the English College of Surgeons and was extensively involved in the initiation of Surgical Audit through his work in the development of CEPOD (Confidential Enquiry into Peri-Operative Deaths).

Brendan’s other connection with Ireland was in training a steady stream of Irish surgeons at registrar grade. Many are now consultants in Dublin and throughout the country and this, together with his other contributions to Irish surgery, was recognised in his award of a Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland medal at Charter Day 1999. Brendan died on St Stephen’s Day 1998.

Brendan Devlin was a founder member of the Waterford Surgical Club which became the Waterford Surgical October Meeting (WSOM). His prize is awarded each year for the best mini-poster

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